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November 11, 2023

Customize Your Blog with React.js & Tailwind CSS

You can now completely customize your blog to match your branding

Over 20,000,000+ million websites run on React.js, which makes it one of the most popular Javascript frameworks for building web applications. At Blogkit, we believe that staying at the forefront requires a harmonious blend of innovation and user-centric design. We now offer users complete design control over their blog sites with customizations using React.js and Tailwind CSS. This integration empowers bloggers to seamlessly transform their websites into dynamic, interactive platforms. For more information on this, visit the /style route on your blog, or view our documentation here.

Getting Started

We've simplified the process of customizing your blog site through a fully setup browser IDE so you can quickly iterate over your blog's design and see your changes in real-time. After you have navigated into the /style route of your blog, you will see your coding environment pre-populated with your blog's current styling:

Styling Page

After you customize your styling, click on the "Publish Changes" button on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will transpile & bundle your blog theme so that it's optimized for the web.


All your blog pages will be statically generated & hydrated on the client so you can build interactive web experiences with modern Javascript. You don't need to worry about performance as we handle all of it for you.

We believe that this approach will elevate your blogging experience and unlock the boundless possibilities that React.js and TailwindCSS bring to the fingertips of discerning businesses.

You can find more information on React.js and Tailwind CSS here and here. If you need help customizing your blog, we'd be happy to help: shoot us an email at

As we introduce design customization, we look forward to seeing the diverse and creative ways users will leverage this feature to shape their brand identity online!

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